Its The Detail

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There are many factors to take into account when choosing the perfect Wedding Dress.  A lot of people like myself go out and buy a dress they think looks amazing until the big day arrives,  for some people they look back on photo’s and think  “I wish I chose another dress”  I know… I did.

If I were to do it all again I would take my time and choose wisely,  I think the first thing people should look at is their own skin tone before choosing colours.  I mean you wouldn’t put say a red dress with someone who has very pale skin.

Yes, a spray tan could sort it out,  but some spray tan’s make people look orange and again the tan looks different from one person to another because of Pigmentation.

Another thing to look at is the detail like the one above.  This dress is perfect for those with model like figures,  but you can also get away with it if you have a little bit of a belly because it is Ruffled slightly the bow with clasp really sets it off and the fact that the belt area can be loosened off.

So if you do have a fuller figure go for something similar to this where you can adjust the area that you want so as not to look like you have squeezed into something that is two sizes too small.

Obviously you would go for something different if you are heavy-set and there are many dresses out there that will look amazing on the larger woman.

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