Mama Mia

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The most Naturally Beautiful Woman & Wonderful Actress has to be Meryl Streep and if I could choose someone I would like to look like it would have to be her.  I remember taking my Daughters to see the Movie Mama Mia when it first came out,  and I have to admit I cried in many parts of it.

Not only because the story was so beautiful,  happy & sad but because this is how I visualised my life when I was growing up.

It was how I imagined my life to be,  not that I’m saying my life isn’t a happy one because I have a wonderful life.

A hard-working handsome husband,  Three beautiful daughters and three equally Beautiful grandchildren I wouldn’t change it for the World.

It’s funny how when your younger you set out to do so many things then as time goes on there is so much that goes on in your life you forget to do the things you wanted to do in the first place.

One of the things I told my children we would do is visit Skopelos where they filmed Mama Mia because it looks so tranquil. I have visited a several places in Greece and love the Traditional Greek way of life and the people are so welcoming too.

So somewhere in the future I will post an article & write about our visit.

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