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The Staircase of Santa Maria del Monte in Sicily.

Sicily is most definitely another  one on my list of places still to visit,  that and Rome.

I have heard so many wonderful stories about Italy and read a lot about it too,  in fact Sicily is a place that has always appealed to me in respect of places to live.

I’m not sure if it was the Gangster Movies I watched when I was younger or the things I have read,  but yes its one place I think I could settle in well.

I used to imagine if I lived there I would have my own Wedding Boutique I even visualised what the interior would look like.  I’m a lover of beautiful interiors and layouts of such places.

The first thing I look at in any shop when oversea’s is the layout and then I check to see if it is clean,  my husband & children say that it’s their pet hate anywhere we go.

Anytime we have gone on holiday I take or buy the cleaning products and it drives them nuts.

So maybe one day this will be one I could tick off my list of places to visit. 




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