What can I say I have been fortunate enough to visit Bethlehem on a few occasions now and made some wonderful friends along the way.  I remember the first time I arrived the drive from East Jerusalem to Bethlehem and the scenery on the way was just out of this world. Sadly there are many who can’t leave due to the wall.

(which is another story,  and a very sad one at that) 

Never have I met such friendly people as those in Bethlehem very welcoming and happy to answer anything I wanted to know.  The Church of Nativity was my first port of call and that is where I first cried.

I don’t quite know what happened or how but as I walked around taking in all the beautiful things around me there was this feeling inside I just can’t explain then a I came to the story of the Birth of Jesus which is painted on the walls above by the time I got to the last one this wave of emotion came over me which I did not expect at all.

Shepherds Gate is wonderful and believe it or not there are tombs under the Ground of which people can go down and experience these WONDERFUL WONDERS, which is the only name that comes to mind.

There is so much I could add to this but it would need too many pages to cover everything, however I would recommend to everyone Religious or not to at least visit Jerusalem/Bethlehem at least once.

Other places I visited while there. “The Mount of Temptation” Now that was another wonderful experience and I look forward to going there again very soon.

Jericho, Ramallah & the Dead Sea. Overall my thoughts on the whole experience…

” If there hadn’t been the Conflict over there.  I would most definitely live in Palestine.”



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