Yep! Those Where the Days

Back In The Day!

How many of us remember this?  We all do or at least those of us over Forty I reckon.  Just how many of us would love to go back?  When we sit and remember how we all played together not a care in the world.

It’s so true when time and time again our parent’s would say to us. “Don’t be wishing your Childhood away” I say it often to my children,  I can’t emphasis enough how important that statement is.

I only really remember snippets of my childhood “Some Good,  Some Not So Good” However that’s a whole other story of my life that will be Published soon enough.

I started writing a Book around Twenty years ago seems such a long time now,  I have since written a little more a couple of years ago and not looked at it since.  So busy,  there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to include it in my daily routine but I will get there.

One of the other things that springs to mind when I look at this photo are two Songs I love because I can identify with them in so many ways. “This Used To Be My playground  & The Great Pretender”  (In relation to my life growing up)  The words of those two Songs say it all really.

They do say!  We cannot live in the past but must look to the future…Just don’t forget to remember happy times. Memories can be a wonderful thing.




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