Beverly Hills/Los Angeles


So I have decided that on my next visit to LA I will pay a visit to Villa Blanca – SUR & Pump

Not that I’m looking to stalk Lisa Vanderpump although if I do spot her I will certainly try to get a Selfie.  My view is why fly to California for a few weeks,  visit LA and not go to the places that are of interest.

Also on my list is the Tour Bus. For two reasons,  1. There is a lot of walking around LA.   2. How better to see the homes of the stars and get all the gossip,  and boy do I like a bit of gossip when it comes to Celebrities, well not really.

Things to do in Los AngelesHomes of the Stars – City Sightseeing
Los Angeles is the most populous city in the state of California and the Western United States.

A world centre of entertainment, international trade, education, media, fashion, science, technology, and culture.

Los Angeles is famous for being home to Hollywood’s Legendary Movie Industry.  Visit the sights celebrated for their connection with filming locations and the stars themselves. Explore the beaches of Santa Monica and Venice,  and see the sights of Hollywood, Downtown Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.

“Soon I will be telling you all about my visit with some photos too”



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