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Growing Old Gracefully


Sitting here looking through old photos and remembering when they were taken and what I was doing at that stage in my life.

So much fun and so many places various photos have been taken both in the UK & Oversea’s.

Then all of a sudden I remember and I hear myself say  “Half a Century”  WHATTTTTT!  Yep Im approaching just that.

How do I feel?  Well, I feel my age but I know I sure don’t look it,  unless of course people are just being kind when they tell me I look in my Late 30’s to Early 40’s. 

With three daughters one of whom is married and has given me a handsome grandson & two beautiful granddaughters ALL of whom I am amazingly proud of,  I must have done something right.

So many things I have done in my life including my own business in my late Teens,  and this last ten years I have taken on many projects some successful and some not.  However I’m not one to be defeated I will pick it up again and again until I get it right and I’m doing good.  Long may it last.

So what’s next?  This is it my Blog which I hope will continue until I feel I have not much else to talk about although people who know me will simply say  “Not a chance”  I could talk the hind legs off a Donkey as they say.


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