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Something About Me



A few years ago,  I begin occasionally posting on my Twitter Account and after months of debate with myself I decided I would start doing what I do best (Talk) & Share my thoughts & experience on Travel, Places of Beauty and all the things that Inspire me.

So I thought were better to talk and share what I enjoy most. So here it is finally Iv set up a Blogging page on WordPress and I have to say I’m enjoying it very much.

I’m a lover of all things beautiful, things that capture my eye & my imagination.  If I can inspire others in any way then I’m doing something right.

Soon I will be traveling to California again and very much looking forward to the Beauty of San Diego including visits to Hollywood/Los Angeles & San Francisco.  On previous visits to California I visited the above inc Las Vegas & Mexico. Except (San Francisco).

Last Year I was still there for Halloween and boy do the American’s Love Halloween. Neighbours get together and have one big Street party and all the Homes are decorated in the most amazing themes.

So I hope everyone enjoys the photos I choose to upload some of which may include idea’s and hints some I will write a small piece and others like this were I will update on things Iv tried and things to come.

At this stage I would like to thank the people whom I will attach photo credit to for their Inspiration because without them individual’s wouldn’t know of their existence and through them others will be inspired too.

Please feel free to Like, Share & Leave a Comment. Your reviews and anything you would like to see published would be much appreciated.



Belinda Conniss  😘

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