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Ever sat back and wondered why?  

Why didn’t I do that when I was younger?  Why am I living on dreams?  I’ve done it and yes I’ve sat back and wondered why when I had so many opportunities, Did I let them just slip through my fingers?

I done nothing about it. There comes a time in your life when you think,  “Ok no more”  

It’s not going to come to me so I’m going to get off my backside and do it myself.

We say to our Children “If you stick in and get yourself a good education, the world is your oyster”  I tell my children on a regular basis.  Yes because I want them to have an amazing life and I want them to live out my dreams,  selfish I know…

I’m only now doing a portion of what I should have done years ago. But hey!  I’m of a certain age,  but it won’t stop me fulfilling my dream.


Make those dreams a reality …




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