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Stop Digging!

Another wonderful interview by James English with our very own George Galloway, a man whom I think should be our Prime Minister, a man who stands for what he believes in, that being peace amongst all people.

As a supporter of George Galloway I have nothing but good to say about him, like myself and many others he is a strong supporter of the Palestinian people, I have many Palestinian friends who hold him in high regard and support him also.

George is never afraid to tell it like it is, he doesn’t just ‘Talk the Talk’ He walks it and does so with such grace.

If you haven’t seen George Galloway V US Senate Please watch, never have I admired anyone like I have George for the way in which he handled his case.

George would be good for this country he is a strong leader, straight talking and takes no nonsense. During his interview with James, James asks him; What would you do to make this world a better place? George said; ‘Stop Digging’

I absolutely agree with everything he said but you need to watch the interview I don’t want to spoil it by telling you.

James English Interview with George Galloway

Like many people I have a lot to learn in regards to Politics and I’ve learned a lot from listening to George I only hope that one day I can meet him in person, who knows perhaps I may bump into him next time I’m over in Palestine.

You can keep up to date with George on Twitter and Talk Radio and his Website




#PERSUE #Magazine April 2019 Issue 4

#PERSUE #Magazine April 2019 Issue 4

It’s here the April Issue of PERSUE with my review on Tony Macaroni, including BREXIT Yes or No? as well as my Harmony White Bedding from and much more.

Read my Interview with Shannon Mcmillan crowned Miss West Lothian 2019 and see who made photography of the month?

Remember I’m looking for YOU! Send me your short fiction stories or your photography, so don’t be shy get in touch.


PERUSE April 2019




Around Oct/Nov 2019 I plan to have my PODCAST up and running, it was meant to start back in Jan but due to unforseen circumstances relating to my husband’s health (See Cancer Blog) It was left until a later date.

So, all being well the plan to begin before the end of the year is now in place and here’s hoping it will all work out.

Ladies I’m looking for YOU! Let’s all to get ready for what will be ‘Woman Talk’ Yep, one for us ladies and about time too.

If you have Friday evenings free e,g kids are in bed and the husbands are out or you just feel like kicking off them heels and chatting about your day/week then this is the PODCAST for you.

Stay updated here or on Social Media for news and more in the coming months.



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It’s The Little Thing’s That Give Me So Much Pleasure.

It’s the little thing’s that give me so much pleasure.


Who would have thought That I would get so much pleasure from a simple little gift? So, for Mother’s Day my girls got me what is known as the ‘PAPERANG’At first glance I thought “ Oh, another camera wonderful” However, it wasn’t a camera as such.

So this amazing little device not only will print my photos on the move, it is also a memo pad, a to-do list, it can give me a name card, it can make banners too.

So how does it work? You simple connect via your Bluetooth on any iPhone and Android Mobile device and here’s the best part.

You don’t even need to be connected to the internet. 💥 Now that’s what I call genius.

I have now purchased a protective case because it’s quite delicate and I wouldn’t want to drop it.

This handy little PAPERANG is a blessing because sometimes I forget to take extra business cards in my handbag and find myself having to write my details on a piece of paper when people ask me my Website or Twitter name etc.

So now all I have to do is print a Name Card or I may take a photo and someone would like a copy so I can now print that too, job done.

Click the link below which will take you to for your’s an absolute must and small enough to carry around even in your pocket.

Let me know your thoughts after you purchase yours!


Point to Point – Horse Racing

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Point to Point Horse Racing

Here are a few of the shots I took above, feel free to see more on my Facebook page at Belinda Travels The Globe.

I had a very interesting day on Saturday 23rd March at Overton Farm’ In Lanark at the Horse Racing, a first for me and very much enjoyed.

I took my Camera along (No surprise) to capture what I knew was going to be some pretty fab shots of the horses up close.

On first arrival I thought; Oops! I’m wearing my jeans and a baggy old jumper with of course my walking books thinking prior to arriving that it’s being held in a Farm so lots of mud.

The first thing I spot are people in tweed jackets, smart trousers and the ladies were well dressed too, however, once we drove little further into the field there were many others in jeans and Wellington boots etc.

Panic over, clearly those in the tweed jackets were members, ‘Perhaps need to become member’ 🤔

We parked the car up and brought the food and flasks etc from the boot and the chairs then walked a short distance to get the best area to sit.

What a great day we had, there was a burger bar, a cafe and much more so it wasn’t disappointing and I would definitely recommend it, I’ll be back for sure.


Overton Farm, Crossford



Tel: 01555 860226


Forthcoming #BOOKS

Forthcoming Books

Hey, Guy’s just thought it were time I gave you all an update on forthcoming books, and ‘Behind Closed Doors’

So as you know Behind Closed Doors is due to be published around Dec this year 2019, perhaps a little sooner.

As you will have noticed I have been playing around with different covers for this book, the first I had struggled with in respect of the upload and dimensions via my publishing company.

So I have since tried one or two other designs, you will have to wait and see which one I actually choose, please feel free to tell me your preference your input would be greatly appreciated.

I will be attending Sean Ross Abbey Commemorations again this coming July which you will all know is a very emotional time every year and will continue to be so until justice is finally served.

I have a couple of travel plans which you can keep up to date with on my Diary link on the home page.

I haven’t as much planned this year with the current circumstances in regards to my husband’s health, if you aren’t aware of this as yet then please see my Blog on Cancer.

The news here today is that I have four, yes you heard it correctly FOUR Books to write and publish and as long as all goes to plan they should all be finished and published between Winter 2021 and Spring 2022.







It’s here the March Issue of PERUSE Click the link below to read it here FREE and all your devices.

Stay connected for so much more coming in the April Issue of PERUSE with Spring finally here I’m looking forward to more Photography and if you would like your best shot on the front cover the May Issue then contact me.

You’ll find me here on my Website and of course here on Facebook & Twitter Hope to hear from you soon!



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