Welcome to PERUSE the Official Launch & Dislaimer

Welcome to PERUSE The official Launch 2019

pERUSE Official Launch 2019

Welcome to PERUSE

PERUSE is a monthly online magazine published by Belinda Conniss (Editor) and will be available to read via PDF here… Website; www.insideoutlastyle.com
PERSUE will cover many topics which include television, film, theatre, music, travel, photography, news, celebrities and much more.
Belinda, based in Scotland and who travels global will this year be bringing you informative and inspirational features in travel as well as celebrity news/interviews which will also include real stories and some amazing photography.
PERUSE, is looking for YOU! The readers to get involved through-out this year and beyond, I will be looking for amateur and or professional photographers who would like to take this opportunity to have another platform and who will have the chance for their best shots to feature on the front cover of seasonal/occasional issues.
If you are a writer who has their book coming out and would like to have it advertised in PERUSE then this is your chance, get in touch.
If you are an actor, producer/director and you would like to talk film/documentary or anything relating to movies then drop me a message on FB/Twitter and or Instagram or call me. (Number on it’s way).
If you are a singer/songwriter and or group get in touch if you would like to have your next single/album featured.
I can/will include LIVE interviews with the above which will preview what’s to come in the next issue of PERUSE, this is another great way for you to get your film, music and or book noticed.
All this including features are FREE of charge.
‘A REGULAR spot will of course be yours for a SMALL FEE and when I say small I mean small, This will cover administration and or travel costs’.
Back in 2018 I uploaded a trial of PERUSE while I worked on the official launch, now I bring you many more pages while working on an App that can be downloaded in App Store in the future.
Right now you can download PERUSE from my Website which is readable on mobile devices, laptops. iPad and tablets.
So that’s it! PERUSE will be available on the last week of every month with Issue #001 coming in two weeks, you can find links as well as message on Facebook here ➡️ Peruse
PERUSE Disclaimer
Some names and identifying details may/can be changed to protect the privacy of individuals in cases of delicate information, However, they will be required to produce documentation to prove their story to avoid legal action.
PERUSE/Belinda Conniss will make every effort to ensure that the information in the said magazine to be correct at the time of press, PERUSE/Belinda Conniss does not assume and hereby disclaim any liability to any party for any loss, damage or distribution caused by errors or omissions unless PERUSE/Belinda Conniss has been negligent.
PERUSE/Belinda Conniss advises individuals who wish their story to be submitted do so on the condition that it is FACT and will NOT cause harm to any other individual.
Photography MUST be your own work and NOT taken from the Internet or copyrighted photographers.
PERUSE/Belinda Conniss can/will save a page/s for writers who wish to publish their short fiction stories and or poems, no payment will be paid to those published as PERUSE is a free magazine.
Under no circumstances shall there be any material published that incites racial discrimination, discrimination against religion, discrimination against sexual orientation or anything that may cause harm to others.
PERUSE/Belinda Conniss WILL NOT publish photos of children under the age of 18 on their own under any circumstances.
Photographs can however be published of children if it is with their parents/family with a related story.
PERUSE/Belinda Conniss will include the above disclaimer which must be signed by all who wish their story to be told, their book, their film/movie and or music to be advertised. This also includes live interviews and or a regular spot in the magazine.
Any written stories, advertisements, photography and or other will be published by PERSUE/Belinda Conniss Any stories, photography, advertisements and or other submitted by other individuals will be credited to them.
© PERUSE/Belinda Conniss 2019 All Rights Reserved

#HappyNewYear Everyone

Happy New Year Everyone
I would like to wish all my family & friends both here in the U.K. and across the pond a very Happy New Year, 🥂🍾 May you all have good health and much happiness for 2019 and beyond and may all your dreams come true. Love n Hugs ❤️

I would also like to thank family, friends and followers for your support this last couple of years and for continuing to follow my blogs etc.

While we spare a thought for those who are no longer with us, 🙏🏻🕊 please also think of those who are less fortunate than ourselves and more importantly the homeless whom for many is through no fault of their own.

PLEASE LEAVE YOUR KEYS 🔑  AT HOME DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. 🚘 Your life and that of others is priceless.

Belinda 😘


It’s Been A While

It’s Been While

First I would like to say I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your families, my family and I had a good one, a nice relaxed day and of course amazing food.

You’ll have noticed that I did not upload December’s issue of PERUSE, due to a combination of things actually.

First of all my Laptop needed repaired so I was unable to do the necessary work and unfortunately I had a real bad cold which had me in bed for almost a week, in fact I’m In bed as I write this blog now.

Just when I thought I was getting over the cold, I now have the flu and it’s totally floored me.

The official launch of PERUSE was due to begin Jan 2019 and every month after, I’m now not sure which month it will begin but I hope it won’t be long before I am able to get back to it.

Along side all of this I have unfortunately had not one but two lots of bad news within my personal life and for this reason I am unable to blog for the coming weeks.

This will be something I will explain in due course as I am unable to go into detail right now.

Please be patient while I have some time to get back on track which I hope will be very soon.

Until then I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year when it comes, I wish you all good health and much happiness.

Belinda x

#Review Unfinished Business – Putting the conspiracy to rest.

Unfinished Business by Paul Ferris – Stuart Wheatman, Steve Wraith and paying tribute to Reg McKay (May He Rest In Peace)

I’ve always had a fascination and love of gangster movies and books from as far back as I can remember, as a youngster I used to watch them and think “I wish my dad was the Godfather or I wish I had an older brother who was a gangster”  I loved the idea of being protected by someone with such a title.

I’ve just finished reading ‘Unfinished Business’ by Paul Ferris It’s only taken me like three day’s not because I’m a slow reader, far from it, but picture the scenario.

I received the book, excitement kicks in so, I start reading it right away, it’s got me right from the start and I can’t put it down, Oops, I better get my finger out my daughter is due home from work soon and I haven’t even started preparing dinner.

So that’s how it’s been for the last three day’s picking it up again reading as much as I can  in between cleaning the house, cooking, tending to my dog’s driving to the airport to pick up my cousin who has flown over from California for our youngest daughters 18th birthday party this coming weekend, now I can’t read anymore or my cousin will think I’m ignoring her.

Itching to start reading again I go to bed I’m up into the wee small hours, then I need to stop again and get some sleep, wake up back to the airport to pick my hubby up who has flew home from his work in Kosovo (He works for the United Nations)

I’ve only got a little bit to go but I can’t just ignore that I’ve not seen my hubby in a month, Saturday morning now he has gone to golf, Wahayy, and I’ve just finished reading the book.

For the many stories and some that have been pretty horrific, written by the press about Paul Ferris much to the annoyance I’m sure of Paul and his family I recommended you read ‘Unfinished Business’ 

There is a saying that we have all heard that goes ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ and bearing in mind some newspapers are guilty of needing to fill spaces and have exaggerated many a story in order to fill that space, not to mention the heading which very often is solely to catch the eye of the reader, resulting in a sale.

In Unfinished Business you are hearing it straight from the man himself and while I get that there will be many who will come back with, Yeh Right! If you believe that? Well, hang on, you just bought the book right?

I understand much of what Paul describes about his life growing up in Glasgow it was and still is in many parts rough and for some, survival is very much a part of every day life.

I remember some of what went on back then and still remember stories about my own family being involved in situations, I think though the worst from one side of my family being, my great-grandmother, who was a money-lender and who had people knee-capped if the money was late or not paid back. (Definitely not something I was proud to hear) I guess because she was a woman as I certainly didn’t think that woman were involved in such behaviour.

I only found out in the last eighteen years who my biological father was then finding out that I am related to the late Johnny Stark and since looking more into the world of crime particularly Glasgow Crime I have come to understand just why some individuals behaved the way they did, like I said and Paul touched on it too, it was a case of survival and looking out for number one.

While I don’t condone some of the tactics used in gangland Glasgow or gangland anywhere, I get it!

Getting back to Unfinished Business I can tell that Paul is like most of us going about his daily life respectfully and while like many of us, has paid the pied piper for his sins, I think people should take the plank out of their own eye before pointing at the sawdust in his.

While Paul sets the record straight and puts to bed some of those rumours, Yes, Rumours because not all that you read about or heard about was factual, why would he lie? His life of crime was way back in the day.

There is humour within his story and let’s face it, if you didn’t laugh you’d be pretty much on a downward spiral especially being locked up in the likes of Barlinnie Prison trust me I know but I don’t have to go into details, this is not my story, perhaps one day I will tell those stories.

I have to hand it to Paul he is a very witty man you can tell by the style in which he tells his story, indeed it was a very enjoyable read and I’m looking forward to future publications.

I also would like to mention that I like Stuart Wheatman’s style, the way in which he puts the context in all the right places.

NOTE; I have changed the name Steve Wraith to Stuart Wheatman (see above) My apologies to Stuart for the mix up which I hadn’t noticed until it was pointed out.

However, credit also to Steve Wraith For his part in the story also, his meeting with Paul and as a contributor is what makes for good reading.

As an Author you want someone you can trust not only to ghostwriter your book and or edit it, you want someone who will be honest in telling you what you should and should not include and or were in the book is the right place for a particular part of the story, but most of all who will not judge, after all they are there to do a job.


(My rule is, if I can’t handle my editor’s advice, then I’m probably going to have to re-think whether being a writer is for me, thankfully I have no problem taking advice)

If you haven’t read Unfinished Business then do so, It will definitely change your prospective of Paul Ferris and help you to understand the corruption that goes on behind the scene’s I’ll say no more on that subject, you will know what I mean after you have read the book.

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Children In Need 2018 #charity

Children In Need 2018

Ok guy’s it’s that time of year again, ‘Children In Need’ Is almost upon us and guess what? The Duck Race Sweepstake is back! and I’m doing my bit, are you?

Although I am taking part in raising founds for the said charity, you can do so too. Search BBC Children In Need to get involved!

There are so many things you can do to help raise money for Children In Need. Here is what I’m doing.

I have downloaded 3 x copies of the sweepstake posters which means? You guessed it 3 x your chances of winning.

I will be giving the lucky winners the following (See Below) If they can guess the winning Duck. So tune in on the Children In Need Facebook Page at 1pm on 16 November, don’t worry those who don’t do Facebook I will announce the winner via email or text.

Once the race has taken place I will do a bank transfer to Children In Need for the amount collected and the donator will get to see a copy of the receipt and amount paid In.

So here are the list of 20 Ducks names, you may start choosing the names now and click the PAYPAL Link below to donate, once your donation had been received I shall add your name on the Duck you have chosen. Good Luck. 👍🏼



A signed copy of my book ‘The Empty Swing’

A £10.00 gift card for New Look

A £10.00 gift card for Argos

So there you have it and there are 3 x chances to win remember I have 3 sets of the 20 Ducks so that family & friends may also take part. Each Duck costs just £2.00 but if you feel you are in a position to pay a little more it will be greatly appreciated.

Remember I need to see your donation before I can add your name to your duck.

As the ducks names have been picked I shall update so everyone knows what is left.

Children In Need 2018

The Annual Duck Race Sweepstake for Children In Need at £2.00 per Duck please feel free if you are in a position to pay a little more to do so. Every little helps. Many thanks in advance.


Thank you in advance









‘Behind Closed Doors’ The Baby Brokers’

‘Behind Closed Doors’  The Baby Brokers

My name is Belinda Conniss, I am a published Author and a member of the association of freelance writers.
My forthcoming book ‘Behind Closed Doors’ The Baby Brokers Which is due for publication around the end of 2019 is now in the process of being written thanks to YOU!
We are all aware of the scandal that has hit the headlines this last few years in regards to the ‘Mother & Baby Home’ Era the ‘Magdalen Laundries’ and ‘Smyllum Park Orphanage’ But to name a few, run not only by the Catholic Faith but Protestant too.
We have seen video’s and heard some of the stories of individuals who suffered the most horrific of crimes committed by the church and of course the illegal adoption by both church & state.
Now you have the opportunity to tell your story through our book, I say OUR Book, because that’s exactly what it is, without your story it would only be my book.
A percentage of the royalties of the said book will be donated between several committees who not only work tirelessly to hold commemorations each year to remember the mothers and children who sadly didn’t make it, but also dedicate their time to those who suffer/suffered (The Survivors) and are fighting for justice for their right to ALL documented records of their families who lived or not, through such atrocities.
I will be in Ireland Feb/March (Exact date to be confirmed) speaking to a couple of people who would like their story told, so please get in touch if you would like to speak to me about your story as I will only be in Ireland once after that which is July for the Sean Ross Abbey Commemorations because I have others to speak to in the U.K.

*** Please note if you are to have your story told you will have to sign a legal document which I have drawn up which will state several things including the following. ***

1. You agree that your story has been told in your own words and edited by me for the purpose of the book.

2. That you have never in the past or up until the time of agreement of your story signed any gagging order preventing you from talking about your experiences or naming any perpetrators.

3. That on request by me (Belinda Conniss) you submit a copy of any document/s that proves you were connected to the institution that you wish to be named. Any document sent to me will remain private & confidential and NEVER passed on to a third party.

4. You will have a copy of your story sent back to you to read over and approve before it is submitted to the book, this will also be your opportunity to add anything you may remember.

5. You will then receive the final copy to read and sign. You may wish to have your story told but have anonymity which is absolutely fine however,  you will still be required to send me documentation about your connection to the said institution and you will still be required to Sign The Legal Document.

6. As I have mentioned previously you will NOT receive any royalties in part or in whole of the published book, instead you will receive a signed copy of the book.
(A percentage of the books royalties will be donated to various committees to help in several areas, the cost of hospitality each year for the Commemorations, help towards the cost of any item in regards to remembering those who passed away in the form of a plaque or bench, expenses etc and or in any way they see fit that helps with the work they do). You will be required to sign this part too.

So please feel free to get in touch with me which you can do either by email or private mail me on facebook Belinda Conniss Published Author Leave me your details and I will get back to you. You can follow here too were you can stay updated with the progress of the book or on my website; http://www.insideoutlastyle.com



Budapest #buda #pest

Budapest #Buda #Pest

What an amazing city for budding photographers I mean, Wow, You really must visit.

Where Buda meets Pest! Two beautiful parts of the city brought together back in 1873 when it entered the new age of prosperity.

Traces of settlements have been found as far back as ‘The Stone Age’  Such interesting history as is with many countries I have visited.

I would highly recommend a visit at least once, for me once was enough. The only thing I found about Budapest is everything is pretty much on the doorstep e,g within the centre.

Once you have done the rounds which took three day’s it’s done, I dare say for the younger generation there will be plenty for them what with clubs and pubs.

Make sure you take plenty money though as I did find food and drink quite expensive, I also found Prague to be expensive certainly two cities I would have thought to be relatively cheap.

There is a vast amount of walking, if like me you book your hotel a little distance away from the centre, Boy, Did I make a mistake right there.

As a sufferer of Fibromyalgia it was no walk in the park, more like walk in the dark!

It’s safe to say there was a fair bit spent between on Taxi’s etc, however, I will make sure the next destination is right where I need it to be.

I stayed at the Hotel Mediterran If I had to rate it out of 10 I would give it a 5. It was reasonably clean but it was no fancy hotel, the online photos make it look really pretty inside but it is very dated and to top it off there were what is locally known as Stink Bug also known as ‘The Green/Brown Beetle’ Aww Yuk, This thing was the size of an adult cockroach.

So there was the brown one in the bathroom which hit the floor with such force my friend thought she had dropped something 😂 Actually, it was no laughing matter, we spoke to the Hotel Reception who explained these things come in from outside when the temperature drops.

They change colour to Green, they fly and they make a buzzing sound. Well, if like me you don’t like creepy crawlies then you can imagine to my horror when they said ‘There is a warning notice on reception desk’

So for the last two nights I practically slept under the duvet to avoid those things crawling into my ears or up my nose, and as I snore, I know, Your thinking ‘She admits to that’? I sure do, not all the time mind.

I worried they may fly into my mouth and yes my hubby would probably say well, ‘That might have kept you quite!

Anyway that aside I must talk about the food which was pretty average but enjoyed, we found a Cantonese place called ‘Biang Bisztro’ to eat and OMG Did they serve the most amazing Beef Fried Noodles accompanied by an amazing pot of Tea and they were so good we went back a second night.

All the hotel’s offer a cut price ‘Hop On – Hop Off’ Tour Bus Ticket, DO NOT BUY FROM THE HOTEL. They receive commission from the tickets they sell and the one to avoid is ‘The Giraffe’ Very few and far between and unreliable, they stop taking people at 6.30pm so if you go say to the Jewish Quarters and you miss that bus, which is not marked very well where to wait then you have a very long walk back to your hotel.

We waited that long at various stops I actually thought that the ‘Giraffe has gone back to Africa’ 

I would say stay away from Burger king across the road from the above restaurant, they do not understand a word you say, they are extremely expensive and very very rude, to the point they actually show you by giving you the most appalling service.

I checked them out on Tripadvisor on my return and there are some pretty bad reviews on there, summed up my thoughts.

It’s getting late so I will post another blog on Budapest in the next couple of days with all the information on the sites including the ‘River Boat Tours’ ‘The Big Red Bus’ and some of my best shots in photography.