#Review Unfinished Business – Putting the conspiracy to rest.

Unfinished Business by Paul Ferris - Stuart Wheatman, Steve Wraith and paying tribute to Reg McKay (May He Rest In Peace) I've always had a fascination and love of gangster movies and books from as far back as I can remember, as a youngster I used to watch them and think "I wish my dad … Continue reading #Review Unfinished Business – Putting the conspiracy to rest.


Children In Need 2018 #charity

Children In Need 2018 Ok guy's it's that time of year again, 'Children In Need' Is almost upon us and guess what? The Duck Race Sweepstake is back! and I'm doing my bit, are you? Although I am taking part in raising founds for the said charity, you can do so too. Search BBC Children In Need … Continue reading Children In Need 2018 #charity

‘Behind Closed Doors’ The Baby Brokers’

'Behind Closed Doors'  The Baby Brokers My name is Belinda Conniss, I am a published Author and a member of the association of freelance writers. My forthcoming book ‘Behind Closed Doors’ The Baby Brokers Which is due for publication around the end of 2019 is now in the process of being written thanks to YOU! … Continue reading ‘Behind Closed Doors’ The Baby Brokers’

City Hotel – Dunfermline #review

City Hotel Dunfermline It almost never happened! You can imagine how excited I was knowing that I was going to spend 'An Evening With Peter Andre' Only, it didn't happen.  Cancelled by Kong Events Unfortunately the event had been cancelled 48 hours previous,  gutted is an understatement. Never mind though all money paid will be … Continue reading City Hotel – Dunfermline #review